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ITS Solutions

ITS technologies allow for the collection of data and events in order to feed the management systems and statistics database, so as to provide information and knowledge on the usage of road corridors. This information allows for the analysis and investigation of the events that take place on the roads for a more dynamic decision-making process.

We implement solutions for traffic optimization, integrating technologies that enable us to perform automatic vehicle detection and counting (flow control), classification according to weight, carriage and number of axles, tolling systems, automated license plate recognition (ALPR), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag readers, speed measurement, use control of required lights and other violations, dynamic sign posts and intelligent signs on gantries and banners.

BOLDT - Soluciones IT

ITS Technology

Traffic Violation Administration Systems

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Toll booths – Collection Systems

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Weight and Dimensions Control

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Traffic Control and Road Safety

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We are backed by extensive experience in the country and a sound capital position that allows us to finance our undertakings.
We have long-standing expertise in the implementation of large technological integration projects with the National State and municipal and provincial governments.
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Integration of high-complexity technological projects

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