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Comprehensive consultancy service

Our consultancy service is the result of a vast experience in traffic management solutions services and technology.


Asset Management
In both urban and suburban areas there are important assets that need to be efficiently managed, whether it is to prevent accidents or to ensure smooth traffic flow. At BOLDT Vial we help identify and catalogue these assets, as well as define the necessary processes to carry out proper maintenance.

Urban Areas Assets
• Street trees
• Sidewalks
• Signaling
• Traffic Lights
• Containers
• Garbage Cans
• Control Systems
• Posts
• Street Lighting

Suburban Areas or Road Assets
• Pavement
• Guardrail
• Street Trees
• Shoulders
• Street Lighting
• Control Systems
• Signaling
• Weather Stations
• Cameras
• Speed Control systems
• Weighing Stations


Mobility Management (Automatic)
In a context where mobility has become one of the major issues faced by developed countries, we seek to improve the layout so that people can move around safely and in less time. An efficient management requires a data-based analysis, which will also serve to oversee and improve logistics and road safety processes. At BOLDT Vial we help develop projects aimed at improving efficient mobility, increasing road safety, reducing accidents, optimizing travel times and preserving the roads. 

By measuring and processing various variables through a management system, it is possible to simulate traffic flows and take concrete actions to improve traffic circulation.


Centralized Center for Traffic Management, Monitoring and Cargo Control
At BOLDT Vial we understand that having a center for traffic management where all the different components converge and are processed is fundamental for making informed decisions and carrying out projects that provide a comprehensive solution for mobility issues. A thorough processing of the information will serve to take action on the established parameters and ensure optimal traffic circulation. We are here to help you set up a traffic management center –from gathering, transmitting and processing the information, to the careful analysis of the data aimed at reviewing the variables that control traffic flow. Our specialized team will help you with the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the efficient functioning of the center.


Toll booths – Collection Systems

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Weight and Dimensions Control

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Traffic Control and Road Safety

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